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This past November we launched Virtual.Wasteland.com, the largest 3D virtual space devoted strictly to the BDSM and fetish lifestyle where enthusiasts can explore bondage and erotic power exchange in a real-time environment with other people. Here they participate in fetish parties, BDSM film festivals, alternative sexuality workshops, lectures and a host of other activities.

The next step was to create “The Fifty-One Shades Of Submission” experience which allows fans of Christian and Ana to experience events from the infamous “Red Room” or Christian’s bedroom, or his penthouse suites for themselves in a totally inviting and tasteful manner, perfect for those new to “The Scene”.

To have your own experience, simply download the software by clicking on the button below. It's 100% free, safe and certified to contain no viruses or maleware.

Once you have installed the virtual client software, you will be guided through setting up your free and anonymous account and then given the opportunity to customize your 3D avatar.

Upon launching the experience, you will arrive on Christian's Penthouse Rooftop, courtesy of the Sssh.com helicopter!

And then the fun begins. You can choose between playing "Ana" or "Christian" to enter the elegant penthouse and start playing one-on-one.

The virtual world is a perfect place to play and be interactive in a completely safe environment. Those are key elements to those in the BDSM world so having a virtual world dedicated for this made perfect sense to build for Sssh fans and members.

After you have explored the one-on-one virtual experience with either Christian or Ana, you can go back up to the heliport and take the private elevator for a social expereince down to the Virtual Wasteland Dungeon Complex where there is a lively fetish dance club, cinema, and even a gift shop where you can check out new kinky items.

Enjoy the Ride!

Download To Get Started:
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The world of adult entertainment is getting a colorful boost as BDSM, kink and fetish lifestyle website Wasteland.com and Sssh.com is expanding its virtual presence by injecting a hot topic and plot line in mainstream into a virtual world.  This time, specifically designed for women surfers to explore their darker side of sexuality in a safe and sane environment.

In this new virtual realm, users arrive at Christian’s heliport where they can choose between which character they wish to portray, Christian or Ana, and then proceed to experience the world as such. They can play out the BDSM fantasies in the “Red Room” or walk around the various lavish rooms of the penthouse to explore new areas for bdsm play. For those so inclined, there is even a grand piano that the user can use to add some romance to the experience.

Screenshots From The Experience:

Those new or curious about this lifestyle have the opportunity to set their own pace in exploring the BDSM experience at the level which feels safe and comfortable. The experience is made complete as music featured in the unnamed, but well-known book, plays in the background.

“The result is the “Fifty-One Shade of Submission Experience”. (Yes, it is much like a theme park ride) to allow our women and couples surfers to explore their kinky side in a safe and comfortable manner.”

The “Fifty-One Shade Of Submission Experience” debuts inside RedLightCenter.com virtual world HERE

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